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Adding CPTED to Urban Library Security Strategies » Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), used creatively with other tools, can help to mitigate problems in urban libraries.

MANGA COMES TO THE LIBRARY This literature medium adds a unique learning opportunity for students and a compelling way for librarians to connect with their young adult patrons.


U rban libraries face many security challenges and risks endemic to their environ- ment and embedded in their mission. Serving a culturally and educationally diverse population from children to seniors with multi-faceted programming and materials, often in aging buildings and with underfunded budgets, urban libraries must be smart, efficient, and effective in providing safety and security to staff as well as to their constitu- ency. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Natural Surveillance

Territorial Reinforcement


UC Hastings Law Library reconfigures its space to accommodate future faculty and student needs. ADOPTING INFORMED SYSTEMS LEARNING THEORY How 21st century organizations can move from theory to practice. READ OUR LIPS How two adventurous librarians convinced a campus to value Literacy, Involvement, Puppets, and Support.


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