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THE BRAND MANAGEMENT AUDIT: ALIGNING YOUR STORY WITH YOUR STRATEGY By reassessing their value and direction, libraries can win community support at the ballot box. BY JAMES LARUE ACADEMIC LIBRARIES AND CAREER INFORMATION Libraries offer many opportunities for the campus community to explore and apply for jobs. BY KATHY STEIN-SMITH Mobile technologies expand the scope of services libraries provide to patrons of all ages. BY DEAN NORTON AND CHRIS ROSS LIBRARIES AND RISK Strategically focused librarians devote time and resources to assessing and countering the risks that could disrupt or cripple their operation. BY GUY ROBERTSON IPADS CAN AUGMENT A LIBRARY’S MISSION

Boost Summer Reading Results with Gold Star Partners » A pilot project turns into a home run for the children in Elgin, Illinois.*


P artnering with strategic community organizations can dramatically affect summer reading. Children may not be in school during the summer months, but they are likely to be enrolled in myriad activi- ties throughout the community. Why not encourage them to read while they attend summer camp, park district activities, and daycare centers? From that idea, a pilot project was launched several years ago at Gail Borden Public Library in Elgin, IL. The result? In 2013, the first year of the pilot, the number of children finishing the summer reading program nearly doubled.

FINDING PARTNERS The pilot project started by seeking out organizations in the district that offered summer programs for children. Twenty-five organizations were identified and invited to


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