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Library + Publishing = 805 Lit + Art » Discover how your library can publish a Lit + Art journal of its own. BY STEPHANIE KATZ 8 05 Lit + Art is a free literary and art journal published quarterly and online WHY YOUR LIBRARY? Positioned at the crossroads of culture and information distribution, libraries are perfect institutions to support journals. Many academic libraries publish scholarly journals, a few public libraries publish

( ) by Manatee County Public Library System (MCPLS). 805 features debut and emerging writers and artists from all over the world. MCPLS strives to help people transform their dreams into reality, and 805 is a way to do that. Inspired by the many burgeoning artistic communities in our county, MCPLS created 805 to showcase new talent and help contributors build their artistic resume. We opened up submissions to all writers and artists worldwide to help everyone who aspires to one day make a living with their craft and to bring fantastic stories, poems, and art to our readers to enjoy. We’ve published five issues so far since our founding in January 2015. An- other great online journal that came about around the same time as 805 is Fourth & Sycamore ( ), pub- lished by the Greenville Public Library.

ebooks, and a popular session theme at the American Library Association Annual Con- ference this year was libraries as publishers. We are nearing a tipping point as libraries assume their role in the future of publish- ing. Librarians understand copyright issues, know how to promote and engage the community, are skilled with social media and other technology, and can effortless wade through the slush pile of submissions and pull out the gems. Public libraries with strong community ties are especially poised for success, but academic libraries can also work with other departments to publish a journal and engage faculty and students. Journals published by established organiza- tions, such as colleges, libraries, or writing associations, have a greater chance for suc-

PRESERVATION CHALLENGES IN THE DIGITAL AGE A look at the technical, administrative, legal and logistical aspects. SUCCESS STRATEGIES FOR ELECTRONIC CONTENT DISCOVERY AND ACCESS A Cross-IndustryWhite Paper. USER-EXPERIENCE DESIGN AND LIBRARY SPACES: A PATHWAY TO INNOVATION? Exploring the behavioral, cognitive, and reflective responses of patrons.

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