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cient day-to-day workflows for public and academic libraries. Fully cloud-based and built on the Open Library Stack (OLS), Mobile Worklists provides new functionality for traditional library operations, including: • Weeding • Searching projects • Placing items on display • Relocation projects - moving items to and from storage, between branches, and throughout the library • Managing new collections • Generating lists of course reserve items • Labelling projects • The ability to e-mail lists from the mo- bile device to other library staff, faculty, students, or patrons interested in a specific set of materials • The option to e-mail lists as CSV files, to be opened in spreadsheet applications [MORE] LaptopsAnytime • ILL delivery tracking • Inventory projects

zeta scan system can also be fitted with any traditional pay-per-use system for enhanced savings and earnings. [MORE] Data2 Corp

SELF SERVICE LAPTOP LENDING KIOSK D-Tech manufactures the “ComputeIT” self service kiosk for lending laptops and Apple computers, tablets, and eBooks in the library. The ComputeIT lends laptop computers to patrons using their library card without staff intervention. The kiosk securely stores and charges the laptops automatically. Each ComputeIT kiosk can store up to 96 laptops. Patrons can then use the laptops throughout the library with wireless internet. [MORE] Innovative

BARCODE LABELS Data2’s preprinted barcode labels have been trusted by libraries for over 25 years. We only use the highest quality, most ar- chival materials and our image durability and quality results in 100% scan success each and every time. By offering a wide range of finished formats from sheets to rolls, tech services can also benefit from faster book processing times and a more satisfied staff experience. In addition to top notch products, Data2 continually receives very positive feedback on our service and commitment to customers. Our service commitment starts by being available and able to quickly reply to customers when they need us, listening to their needs, turning orders quickly, and taking responsibility and correcting mistakes if they occur. While it may have all started with a simple preprinted label, we have over the years put a large em- phasis on new product development at Data2 and that starts by listening to our customers’ needs. This has allowed us to develop new solutions such as CD/DVD labels, barcodes with built in protectors, special collection tabs and even Teslin pa- tron cards. Our customer base continues to grow year after year mostly by word of mouth. This is a testament to great prod- ucts and excellent service! [MORE]

MOBILE WORKLISTS Library staff can reduce the back and forth between the stacks and the desk, cut down on repetitive materials han- dling, and decrease reliance on paper reports with the Mobile Worklists app. The native iOS app can be used on a smartphone or tablet to streamline collection management tasks. Its flexible features help staff complete large-scale projects faster and establish more effi-

AUTOMATED LAPTOP + TABLET DISPENSING STATIONS Designed around major laptop (from Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple, Google) and tablet models (including iPads!) in 12-bay host “starter” and 12- and 18-bay “companion” stations, up to 30 devices in only 5 linear feet. Mix different devices in the same system, separated by row or cabinet. Sta- tions are integrated to ILS via SIP-2 Proto- col and/or local LDAP or Active Directory.

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